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Application Performance Visibility


Before you can begin to control your WAN and optimize application performance, you need visibility into what is happening across your network. Gaining a clear view of the network is no simple task. Recreational applications including P2P applications may attempt to mask their identity and behavior. User complaints about slow applications can also be highly subjective.

Predictive Networks partners with Exinda Networks. Exinda’s Unified Performance Management solution helps you keep an eye on bandwidth utilization, troubleshoot application performance issues and identify network abuse. With real-time monitoring, reporting and analysis, we provide the visibility you need to monitor and classify network traffic, measure application response times and perform in-depth analysis to support performance optimization and capacity planning.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Monitor application performance issues in real time and take immediate action
  • Precisely monitor bandwidth utilization by user group or individual user
  • Objectively measure application response times and quickly troubleshoot issues
  • Accurately classify all network traffic using advanced Layer 7 analysis
  • Detect evasive applications like P2P with deep-level inspection and behavior monitoring
  • Run historical reports for advanced trending and capacity planning